Downtown offers over 200+ parking facilities from outdoor surface parking, to open-air parkades, to heated parkades and underground parking facilities. With more than 53,000 off-street commercial parking spaces and 5,000-6,000 on-street, short-term parking spaces downtown, parking is easily accessible to everyone going almost anywhere in the downtown core.

On-street rates and hours increased April 1, 2010 and can be pricey for more than a quick errand. Some parkades offer better rates than others during the day so do a bit of homework before you head downtown to get the best deals. During evenings (6pm and later) and weekends, parking rates are affordable with most downtown lots offering flat rates of around $4.

Check out the links below to make finding a parking spot downtown even easier.

EasyPark– do an ‘easysearch’ of downtown
Impark– do a map search of downtown.

Parking maps:

Don’t Get Robbed

Unfortunately, Vancouver has a high rate of theft from autos. It’s not pretty, but it’s true. Don’t leave anything of value, or anything that looks remotely valuable in your car. If thieves believe there is nothing to steal from your car, they’ll move on. Consider yourself forewarned. Check out these tips to help avoid being a victim.

Comparison of Parking Rates
See the Colliers International North American Central Business District parking rates survey highlights (2012).     

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