Celebration! 2015 is the Downtown Vancouver BIA’s 25th anniversary.

Stroll with us down memory lane as we celebrate the evolution of downtown Vancouver and the DVBIA’s role in it. Each month we’ll highlight a program, event, building, development or person that helped make Vancouver one of the best cities and its downtown the envy of the world.

We’d love to hear your memories of our downtown along the way. Where were you when……? What makes our downtown rock? Where’s your favourite place to visit or eat?

  • Read our first story about the power of our Loss Prevention specialists and the difference they make in our downtown. 
  • The success of the 2010 Winter Games and its ongoing legacy were just a couple highlights of the DVBIA’s first 25 years as an association – something we’re celebrating all of 2015. This is story 2 of the 12 we have prepared this year. Take a trip down memory lane with our new video.
  • Public art is important to our urban experience. It brings a sense of vibrancy and culture to our streets and commutes - no matter how we get around. Our third story highlights some of the great works we pass by everyday
  • Downtown is accessible by more forms of transportation than ever. Learning something new about each of them and why transportation is so important to the future of Vancouver. 
  • The Downtown Ambassadors are your go-to source of information on Downtown Vancouver. Whether you are looking for directions, a restaurant recommendation or info on the latest downtown festival, they're hear to help. Learn more about the great work they do with our latest video.
  • In June 2011 crisis struck Downtown Vancouver. However, what was remarkable about that experience was not the fallout, but the city's response to it. See how everyday citizens, and the DVBIA, stepped up to show our collective #VanLover pride
  • Just over half way into our 25th Anniversary stories, we turn to everyone's favorite topic - food! Downtown has world-class dining options. The real challenge is to pick one. Let our helpful guide show you how, regardless of price.
  • There is an economic advantage to being located downtown. Just ask the folks behind Tractor Foods - the hit Kitsilano eatery -  who chose the downtown as the perfect place to open their second location. Full story available here
  • DVBIA sponsored festivals and events bring over 1.5 million residents to Downtown Vancouver every year. They also generate an energy and atmosphere that you have to experience to understand. To get a sense of that, watch our fantastic video from Dyna-Mike!  
  • Advocating for the long term stability and prosperity of Downtown Vancouver is just one of the many important roles the DVBIA plays. Learn more about one of our more significant achievements with this handy info-graph.
  • For more than two decades, the DVBIA has award its Downtown Appreciation Awards to movers and shakers who have given their all to our city. Learn more about this year's esteemed winners here.
  • For more than 100 years, Granville Street has been a destination in downtown Vancouver – and it continues to evolve today. Enjoy this tongue-in-cheek retrospective tribute video to an iconic street.
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