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    Jul 03, 2015

    Since the Community Builders Foundation partnered with the City of Vancouver earlier this year to operate 1335 Howe Street, formerly the Quality Inn, as a 156-room transitional house, it has been reaching out to connect and communicate with its neighbours. The DVBIA sits on its Community Advisory Committee.

    As part of that outreach to both contribute to the cleanliness of its neighbourhood and to break down barriers, residents are hosting the first Community Cleanup event on Wednesday, July 8 from 4-7pm.

    It’s simple: people who live in the building partner with other residents in the neighbourhood or business owners/operators and do some sweeping and light cleaning of the nearby streets. No heavy lifting is required; some walking and stooping likely.

    Start: begin the cleanup at 1335 Howe Street beside the Howe Street overpass/on ramp.

    End: wrap up at 1060 Howe Street (at Nelson) which is the former Bosman Hotel/housing now called the Metson Rooms, also now managed by Community Builders.

    Enjoy: meet some new neighbours, contribute to the up-keep of the neighbourhood, and enjoy some light refreshments and hot dogs. There’ll also be some musical entertainment and a chance to hear from Smart Ant Solutions and the innovative rental parking and event space for rent

    Who: it’s a family affair, so kids, families and seniors are warmly invited

    If you would like to get involved or discuss partnership opportunities, please contact crystal.lee@communitybuilders.caor 604-760-2227.

    Read more about the Community Builders Foundation and Community Builders Group, which operates numerous supportive housing sites in Vancouver.


    Jul 03, 2015

    How do you want downtown Vancouver to look, taste, and feel in 25 years?

    Re-Imagine Downtown Vancouver is a chance for our members, residents, visitors, partners and everyone in between to dream big; to inspire new ideas for the future of downtown Vancouver. Our downtown is changing— this is your opportunity to help shape its future! We want to hear from you. What do you love about downtown Vancouver? How could it be better?

    Re-imagine the future of downtown Vancouver at Share your photo ideas at

    Twitter your pithy ideas at using hashtag: #rdtvan. Watch for outdoor, public activations where you can also weigh in.

    We’re inviting business or personal groups to host a ‘Re-Imagine Jam.’ It’s a 45-60 minute jam session where you get to put your crazy, wacky, simple or complicated ideas to paper. Host your own session or invite a Re-Imagine volunteer to facilitate it for you. Reach out and touch us at or at 778-782-3107 for more information.


    Jul 02, 2015

    As the economic engine of the region that relies on access by all modes of transportation, downtown Vancouver will be negatively impacted by the ‘No’ results of the Metro Vancouver Transportation and Transit Plebiscite released today.

    The DVBIA is extremely disappointed that 61% of Metro Vancouver voters who cast ballots in the plebiscite said no to approving a .05 per cent regional increase in the provincial sales tax to help fund the Mayors Councils’ $7.5 billion, ten-year plan for transportation improvements.

    Improvements to downtown lost or long-delayed include additional Skytrain cars, enhanced overnight bus service, construction of the Broadway subway corridor and more dedicated bike lanes, among other things.

    The DVBIA, on behalf of its 8,000 members, was one of 150+ organizations who supported the ‘Yes’ campaign as a member of the Better Transit & Transportation Coalition.

    Easy access to and around downtown for pedestrians, cyclists, drivers, transit users and goods movement has been a priority for the DVBIA since it was founded 25 years ago. Despite the plebiscite outcome, it will continue to advocate for efficient access to ensure downtown thrives as a centre for business. 

  • Free Electronics Recycling

    Jul 02, 2015

    The City of Vancouver is  hosting a FREE Electronics and Small Appliance drop off event in the West End on July 11.  Please pass on to your staff, family and friends and/or tweet #kvs – it’s a great opportunity to get rid of old/broken/unused items and keeping them out of our lanes and the landfill. For a list of acceptable items see


    Jul 01, 2015

    Why is downtown Vancouver a world-class destination for dining? In a word: variety. With a seemingly endless range of cuisines, countries, styles, and price points, you’re spoiled for choice in our neck of the woods.

    When You Want “Wow!”

    1. ORU

    From the stunning views of the North Shore Mountains to the lively open-concept kitchen, ORU is a treat for all your senses. With a focus on local ingredients, ORU enhances traditional Pacific Northwest cuisine with the flavours of the Pacific Rim for a dining experience you could only find in Vancouver.

    Must-try menu item: The sablefish is a flawless expression of seafood done right, complemented with savory carrot agnolotti and an assortment of delicious vegetables.

    2. Le Crocodile

    Chef Michel Jacob takes traditional French cuisine and adds a West Coast sensibility for a true foodie paradise. An acclaimed Vancouver dining destination for three decades, Le Crocodile continues to impress thanks to their impeccable service and fine culinary traditions that offer a taste of Strasbourg in the downtown core.

    Must-try menu item: The five-course tasting menu is an indulgent and enchanting affair for $85. It’s the best way to experience all the unique flavours and textures that this creative kitchen can dream up.

    When You Want A Quick Bite

    3. Five Guys Burgers & Fries

    Serving up a slice of Americana for close to 30 years, Five Guys keeps it simple with classic burgers and fries done right. While their modest menu looks small at first glance, you can customize your meal to your heart’s content with different topping combinations – there are more than 250,000 ways to order your burger.

    Must-try menu item: Build up an appetite for the bacon cheeseburger and Cajun fries. Ask for your fries to be cooked “well done” for extra crunch.

    4. Mean Poutine

    While it was the spot of Milan Lucic’s fisticuffs back in 2013, this family-run spot is as friendly as can be. They serve up indulgent and inventive poutine from 11 a.m. until 4 a.m. six days a week with toppings like fried chicken, meatballs, pulled pork and roast beef.

    Must-try menu item: You’ll have to go off menu to order the Milan Lucic Special. This secret selection has all the protein a growing athlete needs with copious amounts of beef, chicken, and double-smoked bacon.

    When You Want Great Value

    5. Kyzock

    There’s no shortage of Japanese food in Vancouver, but it can be tricky to find authentic specialties at an affordable price. Kyzock delivers with impeccable temaki cones, fresh sashimi, and flavourful udon bowls. There’s even a selection of hard-to-find Japanese candy and treats to satisfy your sweet tooth.

    Must-try menu item: Switch up your usual sushi roll for a sushi bowl. There are more than a dozen options, from simple salmon sashimi to a smorgasbord of tuna, natto and kimchi.

    6. Goldies Pizza & Beer Lounge

    You could stop by the take out window or order deliver, but where’s the fun in that? Get comfortable in Goldie’s intimate lounge to enjoy their thin crust pizza with fresh, generous toppings and a pint of draft beer. They’ve got two sizes (meal + party) for two prices ($18 + $28) no matter the toppings, so it’s easy to split the cheque.

    Must-try menu item: The mascarpone & greens pizza adds mascarpone and zesty arugula to your traditional mix of mozzarella and tomato sauce for a surprisingly tasty blend of authentic Italian flavours.

    This story is part of a monthly series highlighting milestone events or evolutions in downtown Vancouver’s history over the past 25 years in recognition of the DVBIA’s silver anniversary. See all the stories to date.

  • Indian Summer Festival

    Jun 30, 2015

    Indian Summer Festival brings the world to Vancouver from July 9-18 through a series of provocative, multi-arts events featuring great international visionaries and minds. Presented with Simon Fraser University, the 5th annual festival pushes boundaries and invites audiences and artists to meet at the intersection of art and science, music and genetics, and the ordinary and the extraordinary.

    Expect provocative talks by literary stars and social entrepreneurs, a genre-bending jazz concert with a Nobel Prize-winning scientist, one of India’s most renowned musical maestros, a look at when 30s era Bombay met American jazz, and a special series of free public art projects. Learn more at

    The Merchant of Images
    July 9-19 | Various locations across Downtown Vancouver and the surrounding areas.

    Award-winning artist, photographer and art director Aradhana Seth (The Darjeeling Limited) brings a curious travelling public art project to Vancouver this July. Pushing a mobile photo booth, much like carts used by Indian street vendors, Aradhana Seth will travel through Downtown Vancouver as a wandering merchant of images, offering a seat at her photo booth to anyone who wishes to be photographed against her stunning backdrop. For locations and times, visit

    Sound Horn, OK Please
    July 6 - August 1 | on a Translink bus travelling through Downtown Vancouver & surrounding areas.

    The buses and trucks of India and Pakistan are moving art galleries, a kaleidoscope of patterns, motifs, and beautifully lettered couplets and sayings. No two vehicles look alike, and the decorations are a testimony to the aesthetic richness of the subcontinent, and the self-expression of the vehicles’ drivers. Renowned graphic artist Orijit Sen has designed a special public art project, transforming a Vancouver city bus into an Indian bus for a month. Sen combines the energy and vibrancy of truck art, with his own graphic novelist’s whimsy to create a bus like Vancouver has never seen before. Follow on Twitter and Instagram using #IncredibleISF.

  • The Granville Social

    Jun 26, 2015

    Watch, play, mingle and meet - all in the street. The Granville Social is a participatory festival of local and international artists, musicians, athletes, artisans, DJ’s, community groups and businesses. Join in a celebration of the rich and diverse vibe of Vancouver and its surrounding communities. Participate in interactive street art, street hockey games, dance lessons and view skate board demos. Featured groups include Axe Capoeira, India Live Festival, VegFest, HeArt of Europe, Street hockey with Five Hole for Food, Blim Market and much more! 

  • Sunday Afternoon Salsa

    Jun 24, 2015

    Sunday Afternoon Salsa at Robson Square is an annual series of FREE outdoor salsa dancing. Held at Robson Square, literally on centre-ice in downtown Vancouver, the series takes place every Sunday for the months of July and August. The 2015 season will run for nine Sundays: July 5, 12, 19, 26 and August 2, 9, 16, 22, 30.

    Try the free lessons at 3:00pm, watch performances at 5:00pm, or just check out the social dancing throughout the afternoon and see how much fun it is!

    Every Sunday begins with a Free Beginner Salsa Dance Lesson at 3:00pm. These lessons are for anyone who has ever wanted to learn how to dance salsa - even those who claim to have two left feet! The lessons last for half an hour (3:00-3:30pm) and are taught by some of Vancouver's best salsa instructors. At 5:00pm the Dance Show gets underway, featuring performances by some of Vancouver’s more talented dancers.

    Sunday Afternoon Salsa is open to everyone, even if you’ve never danced a day in your life. Don’t miss out on this year’s series.


    Jun 08, 2015

    One of the best parts about Summer in Vancouver (yes, there are many) is enjoying the dry, sunny weather. Iced coffee, the ‘ole PB&J sandwich from home or a food cart treat just tastes better in a quiet, comfy seat where you can watch the world go by.

    While there are lots of year-round benches, the DVBIA-led Perch program adds temporary bistro tables and chairs to publicly accessible plazas in the downtown. They’re free and available for anyone to use.

    While we came up with the idea, it’s your neighbours – the property owners and managers of the various private plazas – who have invested in the tables & chairs and the time it takes to set up and take down the furniture Monday to Fridayfrom approximately 10am to 3pm.

    Teamwork at its best!

    Watch for buskers, a comic library, an art card and other activations starting in July to add more excitement the Perches. And, expect to see more Perches in the coming weeks.

    Current Perches



    Jun 03, 2015

    Four years ago this month, Vancouver hockey fans were riding high on the Canucks’ spectacular playoff run. But the defining moment of those 9 weeks wasn’t Burrows’ overtime goal that squashed the Hawks or Bieksa’s sneaky shot that propelled his team into the finals. Instead, it was after the Bruins lifted the cup, when angry spectators started a riot that caused millions of dollars worth of damage to downtown businesses.

    The riot made for exciting images and headlines, but more thrilling was the way thousands of Vancouverites spontaneously appeared downtown and volunteered their time to help clean up the damage. The cheap wooden boards installed over broken windows became a blank canvas for Vancouver to do the Canadian thing – say sorry. 

    While the city streets looked like they were back to normal, downtown Vancouver’s reputation was hurt. The businesses that had already lost so much were losing customers by the day because fewer people were visiting the downtown core. The Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association leapt to action to show everyone that their neighbourhood was still an inviting place to visit. That’s when we launched the Vanlover campaign.

    The Vanlover campaign was simple, but effective. It captured Vancouver’s faith and pride in their city and replaced the negative online attention with something positive. It also restored a vibrant, buzzing atmosphere to the downtown core - one that was unaffected by images of violence and destruction. To accomplish this the DVBIA encouraged Vancouverites to show their love for their city by posting the Vanlover heart icon on their home or business. They also encouraged people to come downtown to do the things they’d normally do, like shop and dine, as well as share their experiences online. #Vanlover

    As a result, negative online impressions of Vancouver quickly returned to pre-riot levels, and downtown foot traffic went back to normal. Summer sales of impacted business were up approximately 10% over the previous year, due in part, to the exposure these businesses received from the Vanlover campaign. In the end, the defining moment of that playoff run wasn’t the overtime goals or the rioters, it was the way we all stepped up and showed each other how much we care about our city.



    This story is part of a monthly series highlighting milestone events or evolutions in downtown Vancouver’s history over the past 25 years in recognition of the DVBIA’s silver anniversary. See all the stories to date.
  • Canada Day at Canada Place

    Jun 02, 2015

    (Photo Credit Port Metro Vancouver and Canada Place Corporation)

    Canada Day | July 1, 2015
    - More than 250,000 attendees are expected to attend for a full day of free family-fun from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. at Canada Place. Highlights include live music and dance performances (with popular acts including Hannah Georgas, Hairfarmers and Watasun), food carts, street hockey, an armed forces display, Salty’s Fun Zone and a circus show. Afterward, check out the Canada Day Parade presented by Port Metro Vancouver at 7:00 p.m. (beginning at the corner of Georgia and Broughton Streets) and the Coast Capital Savings Canada Day Fireworks at 10:30 p.m.

    For a front-row seat to the fireworks, with entertainment and access to bathrooms, purchase tickets to the Hudson’s Bay Fireworks Viewing Zone (


  • Buskerfest is Back (and Growing)

    May 29, 2015

    Photo Credit: Rammy Fong

    Buskerfest | June 26-28, 2015
    Four years ago, Buskerfest began as part of the DVBIA and VIVA Vancouver’s Granville Street summer festival series. Of the 13 events that participated, two emerged as ongoing marquee events in Vancouver’s Downtown - Buskerfest being one of them.

    Buskerfest’s early growth is wonderful, but not surprising. Throughout Canada, busker festivals have been operating for 30+ years. In many cases, they are the premier public events taking place in the cities that host them. The format is proven. The content is compelling. The talent pool is enormous, diverse and astonishing, and Buskerfest delivers a lot worth loving.

    Behind the scenes, support is growing as many stakeholders watch the festival’s potential unfold. The DVBIA continues to champion the fest, the city has confirmed dates for 2016, and Heritage Canada has included the festival in the Development Component of its Canadian Arts Presentation Fund. Additionally, downtown partners continue to come on board, following the lead of the Lettershop, who have been with the festival for 3 years running. 

    With the dates set for 2016, the partnership campaign for next year’s festival will begin immediately following this year’s event. Buskerfest invites all DVBIA members to come down to Granville Street, between Dunsmuir and Nelson to check it out, revel in the fun and magic, and imagine ways they can get involved.

    Learn more at:
    Stay in the loop:

  • Take on a Secret Mission

    May 29, 2015

    Game players have two hours – working independently or in teams – to complete the mission as they immerse themselves in a spy thriller, find hidden messages, decipher cryptic codes and track a criminal mastermind on the streets of downtown Vancouver. The route of each game is carefully designed to pay homage to Vancouver history, architecture and culture while immersing players in an exciting fictional world. If a group has more than five secret agents, they’ll be split into multiple spy units to compete against one another. Vancouver Mysteries can handle groups as large as 80 people. The game works well for team-building exercises, as the nature of mystery solving encourages teams to collaborate, compete and create memories together.

    The game cost is $25 per player, plus GST. However, DVBIA members receive a 20% discount. Simply to register your team. Quote your company name, number of players, and mailing address to save 20% as a DVBIA member company. Vancouver Mysteries will work around your schedule and, in most cases, is able to start and finish the game at a custom location of your choice, such as your office or a downtown restaurant.

  • FIFA Women’s World Cup is Here!

    May 28, 2015

    For the next month (June 6-July 5), downtown Vancouver will be ‘centre pitch’ for the FIFA Women’s World Cup. Call it soccer, call it football, it will be nothing but excitement for fans and businesses! Expect lots of tourists, busy restaurants (especially ones with TVs) and a real buzz in the air.

    Free viewings
    If you’re not attending matches, you can watch them free outdoors at the Fox Broadcast Centre at Jack Poole Plaza.

    Or, visit the FIFA Fan Zone in Larwill Park (West Georgia @ Beatty Streets) – open all match days. There’s some for the whole family: interactive games, live entertainment, demos and giveaways.

    Ticket offer

    Gather your family and friends and experience the FIFA Women's World Cup with the ME + 3 ticket offer, which gives you four tickets for the price of three. Be there for the local opening match double header on June 8 as reigning world champions Japan take on newcomers Switzerland, and Cameroon and Ecuador battle it out for their first ever World Cup win. Show the world your Vancouver pride and help fill BC Place Stadium for the largest women’s sporting event in the world. Get your ME+3 tickets today by visiting


    May 22, 2015

    I’ve voted Yes because transit is the key to our urban future. We can’t all live in downtown centres, so people need good transit to move around. The Millennium Line extension along Broadway will be an important ‘spoke in the wheel’ of the regional plan, and light rail in Surrey and the City and Township of Langley will help address congestion in those growing cities. Our company builds housing and commercial space, and transit is a location-defining asset. Better transit will lead to more thriving hubs of commercial and residential activity, as we’re starting to see now.

    Andrew Grant, President, PCI Development

    PCI Development Group is a vocal supporter of the Yes vote. From banners on development sites, to information on its website, PCI understands why we all need to vote Yes.


    May 15, 2015

    Please join us as we celebrate the DVBIA's 25th Anniversary and showcase the very best of our downtown. This year's Appreciation Award recipients include renowned landscape architect Cornelia Oberlander, Vancouver Art Gallery Director Kathleen Bartels, commercial real estate magnate Cadillac Fairview, and media outlet extraordinaire Vancity Buzz.

    If free cocktails and canapés aren't enough, rub shoulders with downtown leaders, learn more about the organization, and have your say in the future of the downtown by participating in this year's AGM.

    Hold the date: Thursday, June 18 from 4-6pm at the Vancouver Convention Centre.

    Registration for the AGM is now closed.


  • 2015 Tourism Challenge

    May 15, 2015

    Granville Street

    This is our first year as a host attraction in the Tourism Challenge and we are so excited to have you!

    To get two stamps for your passport, we invite you to do a super easy 10-15 min scavenger hunt in our neighbourhood. It begins at the Pacific Centre Guest Services Desk (Downstairs in the mall).


    Step 1: Snap a selfie with a WRAP box.
    Step 2: Post it to Facebook or Instagram and use #discoveryourhood and #downtownvan to enter the contest. The picture must be “public” so we can see that it has been posted. Photo contest open to everyone but ends on May 31, 2015.

    Ambassador Instagram

    Other neighbourhoods hosting photo contests are Gastown, Chinatown, Gastown, Main Street, Yaletown and the West End.



    Do our Downtown Ambassador Passport Challenge while you are out on the scavenger hunt! Find a Downtown Ambassador in their BLUE uniform outside the Vancouver City Centre Canada Line Station from 12pm – 4pm daily. Complete a 2 minute questionnaire to get one stamp for your passport. Easy Peasy.

  • Downtown Jazz Now 4 Days

    May 11, 2015

    The TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival is back for its 30th year! With over 1800 artists, 300 performances and 35 venues, this year’s festival promises not to disappoint. Spanning two full weeks (June 18 – July 1), the festival boasts an exciting headlining cast including Grammy winners Erykah Badu, The Roots, Buddy Guy and Pink Martini. Many free concerts will be held at outdoor and indoor venues throughout downtown, including Downtown Jazz at the Vancouver Art Gallery/Robson Square (June 18-21) and David Lam Park Jazz Weekend (June 27-28). Be sure to make it to a concert or two, the Jazz Festival will have you grooving to the music! Check out for the full line up and more information.


    May 11, 2015

    Strap on your helmet and join your fellow Vancouverites in shrinking your environmental footprint, saving gas or transit fare, and get some exercise on your way to work. On May 25th-31st, participate in Bike to Work Week as an individual, or encourage your co-workers to register as a team. Last year, participants cycled over 950,000 kilometers and saved over $61,000. With close to 11,000 participants already registered, Bike to Work Week 2015 is shaping up to be bigger than ever. Plan your route beforehand so you can be sure to stop by a Celebration Station near your work for free snacks, coffee, bike repairs, and more. Bike to Work BC is also hosting a free BBQ Wrap-Up Party for bike commuters on Friday, May 29th at Creekside Park! Check out for registration, helpful tips, bike routes, and contest giveaways.


    May 08, 2015

    The Downtown Vancouver BIA has filed a Notice of Appeal in the April 10, 2015 BC Supreme Court decision in the case against its Downtown Ambassador program.

    The DVBIA believes the BC Supreme Court judge erred in her decision and her ruling creates uncertainty for its Ambassador program. The DVBIA has up to 90 days to file its detailed reasons for appealing.

    The DVBIA believes the BC Human Rights Tribunal decision of 2012 that dismissed the complaint against the program should stand. The Court of Appeal will be asked to restore this ruling. That decision was based on the testimony of 17 supporting witnesses over a 20-day hearing.

    In both 2009 and 2010, the DVBIA sought to resolve the claim with the plaintiffs through mediation, but were turned down. Mediation is not being considered at this time.

    “Since 2008, this legal action has done nothing to address the real issue of homelessness,” says Charles Gauthier, DVBIA President & CEO. “By filing this appeal, we want to address the legislative ambiguity the BC Supreme Court ruling creates and get back to working with our community partners to support those who are most vulnerable in our community.”

    Read more background.

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