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Granville Spotlight: BrainStation

Mar 11, 2018

Kyle Treleaven gave us the 4-1-1 on another of Granville Street’s gems: BrainStation.

1. First off, tell us a bit about yourself and how you got started with BrainStation.
I was born in Ontario, grew up in Whistler, went to college in Victoria and now call Vancouver home. Through that journey, technology was always a fascination of mine but I never took it seriously as growing up in Whistler was about playing in the mountains. However, it was in Whistler that I was given an opportunity that put me on the path of pursuing a career in technology. To begin with, I was always on the growth teams, either sitting with the Marketing team or on the Sales team. Through those experiences, I started to really pay attention to User Experience and how customers engaged with online products. Which led me to focus on e-commerce as creating a good UX experience with the right brand message showed results from the efforts. It was really rewarding and challenging, so I focused on e-commerce for about 6 years which took me to an Info Session at BrainStation. I had hit a ceiling of what I had self-taught myself and I wanted to take my skills to the next level, so I actually attended the first ever Info Session that BrainStation had in Vancouver. That day started my journey with BrainStation and 2 years later launching the 20,000 sq. ft. campus at Granville and Pender.

2. Now tell us about your business – what is BrainStation, and what is the key to its success?

BrainStation is a global leader in digital skills training, empowering individuals and organizations to achieve digital success through courses, workshops, events and corporate training. We have an amazing community throughout North America with a Campus in New York and Costa Rica of students, educators and thought leaders that all feed off each other. We foster an ecosystem of knowledge sharing, mentorship, and empowerment in an accessible and inclusive campus located in the heart of Vancouver.

3. Why did you choose to locate on Granville Street?

Granville Street has a long history and the building has an interesting past of tech companies like Bench, Unbounce, and BuildDirect once calling it home. We wanted a space that created an environment that is focused on the students and helping them achieve their learning goals. Accessibility was also a focus and being next to Waterfront Station was a perfect fit.  We needed a location that fits our sibling companies as well, which is Konrad Group Consulting, Techvibes and Quantum Coffee.

4. What’s next for your business – any plans for changes or expansion?

This Summer we are expanding within our building as we will be launching a Data Science Career Transformation course. We look to continue to have thought leaders in our classrooms and events with some amazing panels this Summer so I hope to see you join our Community!

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