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Mar 11, 2018

More Awesome Now is a pilot group and program that takes existing, underutilized laneways and reshapes them into engaging public spaces that are accessible by everyone and contribute to the livelihood of the city. It is an experimental approach to urban design that reshapes these existing laneways in areas such as the financial, entertainment, and fashion districts into animated pedestrian zones that complement the already-thriving micro-cultures of these areas.

Reimagining and reconfiguring these utilitarian corridors as vibrant recreational, commercial, and performance spaces injects a new type of fine grain activity into the urban commons, increasing the public pedestrian area of the city by as much as 30 per cent. Over time, this could develop into a robust network of interconnected lanes, each with its own sense of place and continually-evolving identity.

Our Laneways Learning Guide is now available online for anyone to view and download. Now anyone can take action and make Vancouver more awesome with an inventive and impactful laneway! To download your copy, please click here.


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