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Best Businesses for Granville

Dec 04, 2017

When Peter Meiszner, editor of, asked Charles Gauthier about Granville Street’s potential for new retail and restaurants, the DVBIA’s president and CEO didn’t hesitate. “Granville Street is one of the busiest pedestrian streets in the city and well served by transit,” said Gauthier. “With new residential towers being built in close proximity—Vancouver House by Westbank and Burrard Gateway by Reliance Properties—there will be thousands of new residents nearby, within easy walking distance.”

In other words, Granville Street is where you want to be doing business. But what kind of business? The Downtown Vancouver BIA recently set out to find out just what types of establishments Vancouverites want to see on downtown Granville St. Here’s a snapshot of what they told us through a 500-person online survey and a two-day in-person activation.

What people want to see on Granville Street?

The top three responses from 500 Vancouver consumers:
  • Rooftop and patio bars (16.40%)
  • Restaurants (13.64%)
  • Live music and performance venues (12.23%)

What types of stores?

People want to local business owners to open up shop:
  • Local / independent (90%)
  • Chains / franchise (10%)

What else did Vancouver consumers tell us?

Other ideas pitched during a two-day storefront activation included a daycare centre, cheap taco stand, local art store and hip coffee shop.

For the full results or for resources to help you do business on Granville, please contact Gavin Duffus, Economic Development Manager at the Downtown Vancouver BIA, at

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