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Measure What Matters 101

Apr 27, 2017

BDC and Thriving Vancouver - a project of the Vancouver Economic Commission - are pleased to present the Measure What Matters 101 Workshop.
This workshop is designed to help Vancouver businesses measure their impact by performing an audit of their business practices in areas related to:
- governance
- employee engagement
- social responsibility
- environmental footprint.
Participants will be given unlimited access to the Measure What Matters tool - a free, confidential digital platform tailored to the B Corp principals. Knowledgeable experts will be on-site to guide participants through the questionnaire. You must bring your own laptop to the session.
Wondering if this workshop is for you? You are:
- a business owner or employee
+ interested in giving your business an impact 'health check'

There will be an hour-long Q&A period after the conclusion of the formal session. Light snacks and refreshments will be provided.

Note: This workshop is being offered on multiple dates at different times. Please select the session you'd like to attend before proceeding with registration.

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