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New Strategic Plan Targets Millennials

Mar 31, 2017

Based on input from 11,000 people through our 2015 Re-Imagine Downtown Vancouver 2040 process, we’ve developed a new five-year strategic plan that kicks off April 1, 2017.

Did you know that over the next 10-15 years, the majority of employees in our downtown will be Millennials? That’s why we’re focusing on them in the new plan. Millennials are defined as being born between 1980-1995. It’s also why we’re stretching outside our traditional focus areas and looking at issues like liveability, sustainability, and housing – all issues important to Millennials and many others – and that have a huge impact on our downtown.

We’ve partnered with CityHive, a Millennial-driven organization that engages young people to actively shape their city. It’s helping us include more Millennials in our decision-making and programming over the coming years.

It’s an exciting time for the DVBIA. We hope you’ll get engaged, attend our events, ask questions and push us to think bigger, bolder and broader!

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