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Mar 28, 2017

The Greater Vancouver Board of Trade's Emergency Preparedness: Business Resilience Forum on April 7 emphasises and explores the critical need for proper preparation and planning in the event of a natural disaster.

Resilient businesses are important because of one simple truth: disasters are costly.

According to a Calgary Chamber of Commerce report, 43 per cent of businesses affected by natural disasters never re-open, and of those that do, 29 per cent fail within two years. The Greater Vancouver region is prone to many types of disasters; earthquake, fire, flood or wind storm — all of which could potentially cripple your business, our local economy and Canada's Pacific Gateway. By preparing for any disaster, we increase our chances of recovery.

The 2017 Emergency Preparedness: Business Resilience Forum will explore the risks in our region and provide the insights necessary to build a more prepared business community and thus a more resilient economy. Speakers include some of the top experts on the subject from government, emergency, insurance and business backgrounds.

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