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Shovel it Already!

Jan 09, 2017

While it’s a City bylaw that you must shovel the whole sidewalk outside your business by 10am each day that it snows as a property or business owner, it’s also just plain neighbourly. It’s also good for business – how can people get to work or shop if they can’t access your establishment?

So, just do it – shovel, that is – as soon as it snows. Saves on the headaches later like trying to find elusive salt to melt all that accumulated ice.

According to recent City stats, 90% of inspected commercial properties are complying; about 1,700 residential and commercial properties have been issued notices. Congrats on all the back-breaking work!

Learn more about access to salt, help from a Snow Angel to clear your sidewalk, and how to report snow-related issues.

Take heart: the snow will be gone before we know it and we’ll be complaining about the heat and dry conditions.

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