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Re-Imagined Plaza Re-do

Aug 02, 2016

Built in 1911, the former courthouse turned art gallery, has been at the centre of Arthur Erikson’s Robson Square or Block 51 design. The north or front plaza was originally used for ceremonies. Over the years, it’s become the hub for festivals, protests, impromptu vigils and more.

Since 2013, the DVBIA has been advocating for a major upgrade to the site. Replacement of the leaking membrane was completed last year. Now, after public and stakeholder consultation, construction on a re-designed plaza has begun.

The new design will have a flat, hard surface making it easy for festivals to activate. It will have new trees, a washroom, attractive lighting and a design that wraps around the VAG on the Howe side.

Construction is expected to be completed by the end of 2016.

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