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Experience Façade Festival 2016

Aug 03, 2016

FAÇADE FESTIVAL 2016 is the 2nd year of the annual festival. The event aims to provide the City of Vancouver with a dynamic and interactive approach to place-making and visual art in the public realm. FAÇADE FESTIVAL 2016 takes cues from renowned visual arts festivals such as VIVID in Sydney, Australia, Luminato and Nuit Blanche in Toronto, which draw millions of attendees each year.

Organized by the Burrard Arts Foundation in collaboration with the Vancouver Art Gallery, this public art project will feature newly commissioned works by artists Barry Doupé, Renée Van Halm, Eric Metcalfe, Rebecca Chaperon and Chris Shier. Projections will take place in the evenings between 8pm and midnight beginning August 30 until September 5, with an encore presentation featuring all five artists on September 4th and 5.

August 30th-September 5th; 8pm-midnight each evening

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Twitter: @burrardarts #facadefest

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