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Jul 29, 2016

Rediscover what defines Asia at this year's TAIWANfest! This year's celebration features Hong Kong in a Cultural Tango showcasing stories and icons through music, arts, games and activities, and even a Pan-Asian culinary competition all designed to spice up your summer!

Learn to play Mahjong by Waterfront Station?

Watch Chinese Chess integrated with Flag Football taking over Granville street?

Rope jump like the old days in Taiwan with the Rubber Band Rope!

More activities like Monkey Theatre, One-Minute Movies and Hong Kong’s “Beat the Petty Person!” will immerse you in two of the most storied cultures in Asia.

Challenge your knowledge of the Chinese speaking world and redefine your understanding of Asian cultures with exhibits, films, and so much more September 3 - 5 in downtown Vancouver.!

Buy tickets to a Cultural Tango with Hong Kong, a Taiwanfest Symphony. The show is at the Centre for Performing Arts on Saturday Sept 3.

Twitter: @taiwanfest

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