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Help Water the Boulevard Trees

Jun 13, 2016

The City of Vancouver maintains all public trees in Vancouver, including trees that line our streets, trees that are in parks, and trees along boulevards. Our Park Board arborists grow trees at our tree farm and plant thousands of new trees each year. Arborists also prune and remove trees and deal with tree pests and diseases.

Watering trees is very important to their growth and health. They require even more water during hot spells like the current one. Extreme hot weather is especially damaging to newly planted trees which are still establishing their root systems. Trees planted within the last five years – many with "water me" tags attached – would benefit most by watering at this time.

You are asked to be vigilant for young stressed streets trees adjacent to your property - usually indicated by leaves turning brown or falling. The best practice is to apply at least 12 to 20 litres of water (five to 10 minutes with a slow running hose or a couple of watering cans full) two to three times per week over the roots. Regional water restrictions do not apply to trees and shrubs. However, be water-wise by ensuring that all of it gets to the tree.

How you can help:

  1. Watch out for Vandalism of trees. Call 311 to report damage.
  2. As we get into the dry summer months, help water trees.  For most new plantings, 2 applications of water weekly, by way of a Watering Bag will usually provide enough moisture to help in establishing our newly planted trees.  To receive the watering bags, please contact Tatton Zanardo at 

Bags will be delivered and placed on the trees, and removed once watering is no longer required.  Please help us grow our Urban Forest!

If you require any further information please contact Amit Gandha (Acting City Arborist) at 604.257.8580.
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