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Jun 06, 2016

Project for Public Spaces out of NYC, along with local hosts will descend on downtown Van for a series of events that will map the future of the placemaking movement during Placemaking Week September 12-18 – and you can be involved.

It’s actually three events rolled into one:

1. Pro Walk/Pro Bike/Pro Place is all about – you guessed in – walking, cycling and placemaking.

2. Future of Places Summit will advance the New Urban Agenda and Habitat

3. Placemaking Leadership Forum

In a nutshell, some of the conference is formally programmed, but much is crowd-sourced. Meaning, you, your organization or company, can put a session or idea on the table and present it. It’s a chance to showcase the super cool stuff happening in Vancouver. Or, use it to bring global change agents together to help us solve some of our local challenges.

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