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DOXA Documentary Film Festival

Apr 25, 2016

DOXA 2016: Spotlight on Borders and Boundaries

Borders are more than arbitrary lines on a map, they’re also a means of controlling and mediating reality. Our Spotlight on Borders and Boundaries examines the ongoing negotiation between physical and conceptual divisions.

John Bolton’s epic docudrama Aim For The Roses combines the tragic tale of Canadian daredevil Ken Carter with singing dancing automotive carnage to create a film that flaunts limits of physics and good sense. In Migrant Dreams, director Min Sook Leeexamines the struggle of migrant agricultural workers against Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) that treats foreign workers as indentured labourers. As thousands of people try to escape war and oppression by fleeing across the Mediterranean, the Italian Island of Lampedusa is the first port of entry in Jakob Brossman’s Lampedusa In Winter. Jay Cheel’s film explores the ultimate boundary, the 4th dimension -- time itself in How to Build a Time Machine.

Catch all of these great documentaries and more from May 5-15.  Check for details.

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