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The DVBIA’s 25th Anniversary

Dec 04, 2015

This month concludes the DVBIA’s yearlong celebration of its 25th Anniversary. We have featured 12 stories over 12 months, each highlighting a different moment or accomplishment for the organization. Whether it was our Olympics We Remember video, our snazzy info-graphics, or our great guide to Downtown dining, we hope you have enjoyed the journey.

To close out the year, we present one final video. When folks think about Downtown Vancouver, they can’t help but think of Granville Street. This storied street has been the backbone of our downtown since long before the City of Vancouver was a registered entity. Consider this our tongue-in-cheek tribute to one of the most quintessential parts of our city. We just hope we've done the street justice.

Thank you for these last 25 years - we look forward to the next 25. Cheers to you Downtown Vancouver!

Enjoy – the DVBIA team.

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