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Aug 31, 2015

Gas leak, storm, downed trees, power outage, fire….interruptions to businesses come in all shapes and forms. Is your business ready? Want to get ready?

Being prepared for an interruption to your business – and not just the ‘big one’ – is one of those things all owners/operators know they should do, but struggle to find the time to actually do it. Sometimes it takes a local disaster to kick us in the pants. Was the windstorm on Saturday, August 29th enough of a kick for ya?

Too overwhelmed to get started? The City of Vancouver has some helpful links. 

But the best template we’ve found with an easy checklist – and pretty pictures – is this one from the City of Surrey.

And, simply copy the list of items in the Province’s Emergency Kit and create your own for the office.

Start anywhere – focus on the safety of your staff or keeping power running to your store or how you’ll ring through sales – but just start!


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