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Jul 06, 2015

The City of Vancouver has implemented Stage 3 (of 4) of its Water Shortage Response Plan. This means water use by commercial properties is restricted, including power washing of sidewalks or buildings, all lawn watering, and car washing. It also requires commercial fountains and water features to be turned off. Yes, brown is the new green!

Download the chart of restrictions:

The City has also stepped up its enforcement of these restrictions. To notify of the City of non-compliance, call 3-1-1. Learn more:


As temperatures soar, energy use is keeping pace. A reminder there are things your business can do to reduce the drain on the electrical grind to avoid potential brown outs:

  • Close your curtains, blinds to limit direct sun exposure
  • Don’t blast your A/C; keep it a few degrees warmer
  • Turn off lights and appliances when not in use (an old tip, but still a good one!)
  • Think about upgrading to more energy efficient appliances
  • Check out rebates and incentives from BC Hydro that you might be eligible for

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