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Jul 02, 2015

As the economic engine of the region that relies on access by all modes of transportation, downtown Vancouver will be negatively impacted by the ‘No’ results of the Metro Vancouver Transportation and Transit Plebiscite released today.

The DVBIA is extremely disappointed that 61% of Metro Vancouver voters who cast ballots in the plebiscite said no to approving a .05 per cent regional increase in the provincial sales tax to help fund the Mayors Councils’ $7.5 billion, ten-year plan for transportation improvements.

Improvements to downtown lost or long-delayed include additional Skytrain cars, enhanced overnight bus service, construction of the Broadway subway corridor and more dedicated bike lanes, among other things.

The DVBIA, on behalf of its 8,000 members, was one of 150+ organizations who supported the ‘Yes’ campaign as a member of the Better Transit & Transportation Coalition.

Easy access to and around downtown for pedestrians, cyclists, drivers, transit users and goods movement has been a priority for the DVBIA since it was founded 25 years ago. Despite the plebiscite outcome, it will continue to advocate for efficient access to ensure downtown thrives as a centre for business. 

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