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Indian Summer Festival

Jun 30, 2015

Indian Summer Festival brings the world to Vancouver from July 9-18 through a series of provocative, multi-arts events featuring great international visionaries and minds. Presented with Simon Fraser University, the 5th annual festival pushes boundaries and invites audiences and artists to meet at the intersection of art and science, music and genetics, and the ordinary and the extraordinary.

Expect provocative talks by literary stars and social entrepreneurs, a genre-bending jazz concert with a Nobel Prize-winning scientist, one of India’s most renowned musical maestros, a look at when 30s era Bombay met American jazz, and a special series of free public art projects. Learn more at

The Merchant of Images
July 9-19 | Various locations across Downtown Vancouver and the surrounding areas.

Award-winning artist, photographer and art director Aradhana Seth (The Darjeeling Limited) brings a curious travelling public art project to Vancouver this July. Pushing a mobile photo booth, much like carts used by Indian street vendors, Aradhana Seth will travel through Downtown Vancouver as a wandering merchant of images, offering a seat at her photo booth to anyone who wishes to be photographed against her stunning backdrop. For locations and times, visit

Sound Horn, OK Please
July 6 - August 1 | on a Translink bus travelling through Downtown Vancouver & surrounding areas.

The buses and trucks of India and Pakistan are moving art galleries, a kaleidoscope of patterns, motifs, and beautifully lettered couplets and sayings. No two vehicles look alike, and the decorations are a testimony to the aesthetic richness of the subcontinent, and the self-expression of the vehicles’ drivers. Renowned graphic artist Orijit Sen has designed a special public art project, transforming a Vancouver city bus into an Indian bus for a month. Sen combines the energy and vibrancy of truck art, with his own graphic novelist’s whimsy to create a bus like Vancouver has never seen before. Follow on Twitter and Instagram using #IncredibleISF.

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