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Take on a Secret Mission

May 29, 2015

Game players have two hours – working independently or in teams – to complete the mission as they immerse themselves in a spy thriller, find hidden messages, decipher cryptic codes and track a criminal mastermind on the streets of downtown Vancouver. The route of each game is carefully designed to pay homage to Vancouver history, architecture and culture while immersing players in an exciting fictional world. If a group has more than five secret agents, they’ll be split into multiple spy units to compete against one another. Vancouver Mysteries can handle groups as large as 80 people. The game works well for team-building exercises, as the nature of mystery solving encourages teams to collaborate, compete and create memories together.

The game cost is $25 per player, plus GST. However, DVBIA members receive a 20% discount. Simply to register your team. Quote your company name, number of players, and mailing address to save 20% as a DVBIA member company. Vancouver Mysteries will work around your schedule and, in most cases, is able to start and finish the game at a custom location of your choice, such as your office or a downtown restaurant.

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