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Buskerfest is Back (and Growing)

May 29, 2015

Photo Credit: Rammy Fong

Buskerfest | June 26-28, 2015
Four years ago, Buskerfest began as part of the DVBIA and VIVA Vancouver’s Granville Street summer festival series. Of the 13 events that participated, two emerged as ongoing marquee events in Vancouver’s Downtown - Buskerfest being one of them.

Buskerfest’s early growth is wonderful, but not surprising. Throughout Canada, busker festivals have been operating for 30+ years. In many cases, they are the premier public events taking place in the cities that host them. The format is proven. The content is compelling. The talent pool is enormous, diverse and astonishing, and Buskerfest delivers a lot worth loving.

Behind the scenes, support is growing as many stakeholders watch the festival’s potential unfold. The DVBIA continues to champion the fest, the city has confirmed dates for 2016, and Heritage Canada has included the festival in the Development Component of its Canadian Arts Presentation Fund. Additionally, downtown partners continue to come on board, following the lead of the Lettershop, who have been with the festival for 3 years running. 

With the dates set for 2016, the partnership campaign for next year’s festival will begin immediately following this year’s event. Buskerfest invites all DVBIA members to come down to Granville Street, between Dunsmuir and Nelson to check it out, revel in the fun and magic, and imagine ways they can get involved.

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