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Apr 02, 2015


As a growing, diverse city centre, downtown Vancouver must meet the needs of all Vancouverites, not just a select few. According to a 2012 commissioned study, less than 45% of trips downtown are taken by car. That means public transit, cycling and walking have transformed how people travel to, and get around, the downtown.

With all forms of transportation now accessible options, how do you get to downtown Vancouver? Hear from some of our members about why they chose the method they use.


I drive

Walt Judas, Tourism Vancouver

“I prefer the comfort and convenience of my own car. I often attend evening events or don’t go straight home after work, so my car is the easiest and most efficient method of transportation.”

* If you drive to work you’re in good company—80% of Canadians commute to work in their car.

Driving in 2040: Want to drive downtown but hate searching for parking? As part of Transportation 2040, the City of Vancouver plans to provide real-time availability information for City-owned off-street parking with electronic signs and mobile apps.


I walk

Jacqueline Dupuis, VIFF

“I enjoy the walking lifestyle, because I get fresh air, exercise, and easy access to downtown amenities. Downtown Vancouver is very walkable and safe!”

* Is your daily walk to work around 20 minutes long? In an average year you will cover the approximate distance from Vancouver to Jasper, Alberta!

Walking in 2040: Vancouver’s seasonally wet weather can turn off pedestrians, which is why the city wants to make Vancouver more walkable in the rain with better awnings and fewer puddles.


I ride my bike

Erin O’Melinn, HUB Cycling

“Cycling is the most efficient way to move around the downtown core, and I get to enjoy downtown's delicious food options a little bit more because I've already gotten my exercise in.”

*Commute to your health! Cycling three hours or 30 kilometers per week halves your risk of heart disease and stroke.

Cycling in 2040: Bike storage is a major hurdle for commuters, so the city wants to create at least one downtown bike centre with maintenance and end-of-trip facilities.


I take public transit

Nesrine Jabbour, Freedom55 Financial

“I take the West Coast Express to avoid the traffic and I am in the office in 30 minutes door to door. It’s a very comfortable ride and I can get some work done.”

*Believe it or not, the first Skytrain cars had carpet for added elegance, and they stayed that way until 1992.

Public transit in 2040: To maximize Vancouver’s waterways, the city will support new passenger ferry services on False Creek, Burrard Inlet, and/or the Fraser River if there is a strong business case.


I car share

Elizabeth Han, Warrington PCI

“I use Car2Go because it’s flexible – you can pick up and drop the car off almost anywhere, with reserved parkade stalls all across the downtown. The nearest car is often only five minutes away.”

*Did you know that one shared car replaces up to 20 privately-owned vehicles?

Car sharing in 2040: The City of Vancouver is going to pilot and evaluate a program where taxis can travel in bus lanes, and they may also include taxis in the TransLink Compass Card system.

What's Next?

Looking forward to the next 25 years, the City of Vancouver’s Transportation 2040 plan is working to maintain and improve all forms of transportation into the downtown core. However, without serious investments in public transportation infrastructure the livability we currently enjoy is at risk. Metro Vancouver is expected to grow by one million more residents over the next three decades. Saying 'no' to the congestion they will bring means voting 'yes' to the transportation referendum

The referendum is your chance to ensure access and mobility in the downtown core remains world class.


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