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Mar 20, 2015

The Downtown Vancouver BIA, a strong supporter of the Yes vote in the upcoming transportation plebiscite, encourages all its members to vote Yes to a more accessible downtown in the future, which is good for business.  

Our transportation choices have a profound impact on how we and future generations will live in this region. We need a well-planned and appropriately capitalized transit system that will keep pace with the growth of our region. More rapid transit in particular will reduce road congestion and sprawl, and improve our quality of life. Plus it’s good for business because employment choices are often made based on access to transit. In fact, proximity to rapid transit is becoming a chief consideration in choosing where you live. I’m voting Yes for a better future.

Tony Astles, Executive V.P. of Real Estate Services for Western Canada, Bentall Kennedy

Why students are voting yes – with a fun singing video.

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