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Jan 29, 2015

Metro Vancouver will grow by one million people in the next 30 years. Our region is already congested now, and this will get worse if we fail to act. 

We need to get ready for growth.

Fortunately, there is a plan. Metro Vancouver mayors came together to agree on a plan that meets the needs of the region today and into the future. The Mayors’ plan will cut congestion by providing improved transportation and transit choices to people everywhere in Metro Vancouver. 

From March 16 to May 29, Metro Vancouverites will vote on a mechanism for funding transportation improvements through a 0.5 percent sales tax called the Metro Vancouver Congestion Improvement Tax, which will be added to the existing Provincial sales tax of 7 percent.

DVBIA members should say ‘no’ to congestion and ‘yes’ to the transportation referendum.

The DVBIA, along with other groups, including the Better Transit & Transportation Coalition, Moving in a Livable Region, and the Mayors’ Council, are promoting the upcoming referendum/plebiscite that asks for a public decision on transportation funding measures that will pay for Metro Vancouver transportation improvements.

Who doesn’t want 70% of the region’s residents to have access to frequent transit service? Or, 25% more bus service in the region? Or light rail transit in the Fraser Valley? Or the Broadway Corridor rapid transit line built? Or the Pattullo Bridge replaced? Or 50% more Seabus service? Or upgrades to the major road network to keep people and goods moving? Or 2,700 more kilometres of bikeways?

The Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association has long been speaking out for the need for a more reliable and stable funding source to make much needed future transportation and transit investments. This means cutting congestion and providing reliable and abundant transportation and transit options for a growing region.

Vote to cut congestion. 

Follow the conversation.

Pledge your ‘yes’ vote today.

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