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Jan 08, 2015

It’s here. The ban on food scraps in garbage has begun.

Everyone – yes, everyone – across Metro Vancouver is now banned from including food scraps in our regular garbage. It’s officially called the Organics Disposal Ban. This includes commercial buildings (grocery stores, restaurants, hotels, retail stores and shopping malls); institutional and industrial buildings (health care facilities and schools); and single family houses, residential and commercial buildings (apartments and offices).

Food scraps include raw food, plate scrapings, leftovers, de-packaged food, meat etc. Some food soiled paper such as pizza boxes or used table napkins can also be collected.

Not quite ready? You’ve got a bit of time during the phasing in.

Between now and June, loads of waste brought to a transfer station with over 25% food will be identified, and the hauler of that load reminded of the ban and provided with information. All businesses and residential buildings are encouraged to plan and introduce food scraps recycling programs during this time. As of July 1, the hammer of financial enforcement begins.

Read more about the timing & a bit of background.

So, why bother?

  • Because 40% of the garbage we send to the landfill is compostable
  • Once food is buried, it releases methane gas that contributes to global warming
  • Throwing away food is expense; businesses can save money by reducing waste

There are lots of tools, promo material and tips to help you.

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