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Dec 22, 2014

We’re in! The DVBIA has joined other business groups as part of a new Better Transit & Transportation Coalition.

The goal is to drum up support for the transit referendum the Province has ordered the Mayor’s Council to hold before June 30, 2015.

"The Mayors' Council took a momentous and giant step forward today that has the potential to shape the future direction of Metro Vancouver – and downtown – in the upcoming decades,” says Charles Gauthier, President & CEO of the DVBIA.  

The Council finalized a concise and clear referendum question that proposes a .5 per cent increase in the provincial sales tax applicable only to Metro Vancouver. Of a number of options considered, this one met the criteria that includes principles such as affordable, balanced, linked to the transportation and transit system, stable and resilient, economically efficient.

The Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association has long been speaking out for the need for a more reliable and stable funding source to make much needed future transportation and transit investments. With over a million people projected to move here within the next two decades, we need to start the work very soon to ensure that our region is one of the most livable places in the world. From our perspective that means cutting congestion and providing reliable and abundant transportation and transit options for a growing region.

Today was a momentous day. Unless the provincial government decides otherwise, voters in Metro Vancouver in 2015 will have their say on the future direction of this place we all call home. This has been said and appeared in print many times before, but it has more meaning now than ever before on your future and your children's quality of life: Make your vote count.

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