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Nov 05, 2014

Food scraps ban starts January 1 – are you ready?

The time has come: starting in 2015 everyone – yes, everyone – across Metro Vancouver will be banned from including food scraps in our regular garbage. This includes commercial buildings (grocery stores, restaurants, hotels, retail stores and shopping malls); institutional and industrial buildings (health care facilities and schools); and single family houses, residential and commercial buildings (apartments and offices).

Food scraps include raw food, plate scrapings, leftovers, de-packaged food, meat etc. Some food soiled paper such as pizza boxes or used table napkins can also be collected.

Options to help with the transition:

  1. Start a food scraps collection service at your office/business/building
  2. Install on-site organics management for your building

Why bother?

  • Because 40% of the garbage we send to the landfill is compostable
  • Once food is buried, it releases methane gas that contributes to global warming
  • Throwing away food is expense; businesses can save money by reducing waste

There are lots of tools, promo material and tips to help you.

Restaurants and food service operators; use this great guide.

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