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Oct 06, 2014

Attention businesses: Participate for free in this national program.

Now underway, Yellow Pages, 120+ BIAs and thousands of businesses across Canada are celebrating our local, small businesses through a national advertising campaign. It all culminates in a big celebration – and shopping – day on Saturday, November 29, 2014. (Yes , this is the day after Black Friday and the day before Grey Cup Sunday in Vancouver.)

In a nutshell, here’s how it works:

1. BIAs register to participate – the DVBIA has done this.

2. Businesses then decide how they’d like to participate by offering a ‘deal.’

No, a deal doesn’t have to be a discount. It can be anything to enhance the shoppers’ experience, such as cupcakes or wine while you shop, a donation to your businesses’ favourite charity with a select purchase, buy one item, get a second free or at a reduced rate, purchase over a certain amount of product and receive a gift certificate to return or receive a certificate from a neighbouring business and vice versa. The possibilities are endless. Need more ideas? Simply get in touch with Yellow Pages through the 1-800 help number. It’s free. 

3. Register your business and your deal. This puts you and your offer on a national registry that is searchable locally. The sooner you post, the longer potential shoppers have to see your name out there.

4. Celebrate on November 29. There are even lots of free, in-store decorating ideas supplied by Yellow Pages. You don’t have to use them, but hey, why not!

What this campaign isn’t:

1. A fee for listing. It really is free to you and your business. Take advantage.
2. An anti-Black Friday campaign. It’s messaging focuses on the economic and community value of shopping where we all work, live and play.
3. A lot of work. If you need assistance deciding on a ‘deal’ or want to reach out to your neighbours to partner, but don’t have the staff to assist, local Yellow Pages staff can do it for you. Just ask.
4. Complicated. This national campaign is happening. It’s simply about encouraging residents of the Lower Mainland to spend their money in our community. Simply post a deal and welcome customers on November 29th.

If you have questions, contact Ivy Haisell, Manager Member Services, DVBIA, at 604-685-7811 ext. 202 or

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