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Feb 07, 2014

Today the
annual LunarFest kicks off today in downtown Vancouver. It’s the perfect occasion for the Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association (DVBIA) to announce that Charlie Wu, Managing Director of the Asian Canadian Special Events Association that organizes LunarFest, will be recognized for his individual contributions to downtown at its Annual Appreciation Awards later this year.

The first LunarFest was held four years ago on Granville Street during the 2010 Winter Games as part of the Cultural Olympiad. The festival has become an annual free event that supports outdoor vitality, arts & culture, and citizen engagement during the colder months in the city centre.

“Charlie’s determination, supported by his board and staff, to keep and grow the event downtown, to partner with local businesses and stakeholders, and to specifically showcase downtown as a destination, make him a logical choice,” says Charles Gauthier, President & CEO, of the DVBIA.

The DVBIA Annual General Meeting & Appreciation Awards will be held in June. Awards for lifetime achievement and organizational contribution will also be presented. 

Previous LunarFest. Photo credit: on Flickr

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