Our Team

Charles Gauthier, MCP* | President & CEO
Charles Gauthier is a true Vanlover. He’s been steering the DVBIA with vision and a commitment to the future of downtown Vancouver for more than 25 years. He’s what you call a ‘lifer.’ While a humble sort, he’s been the recipient of Business In Vancouver's prestigious ‘40 Under 40 Achievement Award,’ and the Downtown Vancouver Association’s President’s Award, in addition to other accolades.

He shares his well-earned wisdom sitting on the board of directors of the BC chapter of the Canadian Society of Association Executives. He’s also a former executive of the International Downtown Association’s board of directors.

But he’s also a music fan and student of guitar. Charles’ favourite downtown Vancouver location is Tom Lee Music. That’s because it's the only musical instrument store in the Granville Entertainment District that’s all about music, dance, theatre and other forms of performing arts. It also has a wide selection of products, great staff, and it's a long-time supporter of downtown festivals like the TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival, Latincouver, and Celtic Festival.

*Master of City Planning

Ivy Haisell | Director of Operations
Dog Lover. Excel Aficionado.

Ivy oversees the day-to-day operations of the DVBIA by providing administrative and technical leadership to staff on financial, marketing and personnel related matters. She also oversees the Downtown Ambassadors program, manages strategic relationships with members and community stakeholders, and has oversight of the DVBIA’s data and information systems. Ivy was previously Member Services Manager and worked on everything from member outreach to marketing, to district and program management and beautification initiatives. When not ensuring that the DVBIA is running like a well-oiled machine, Ivy enjoys baking, food photography and food blogging.

William Johnson | Communications Manager
Writer. Serial Instagrammer.

William is responsible for all DVBIA communications and marketing activities, media relations, events, and supporting the association’s festival sponsorships and community engagements. He works closely with the association’s operations, membership, administration and partnerships functions to support programs and services that educate and engage DVBIA members and stakeholders. When not firing off late-night emails to urban issues reporters, you can find William on a run or on a sailboat.

Gavin Duffus | Economic Development Manageer
Urbanist. Concert Goer.

Gavin wants businesses in Vancouver to thrive. To this end, he helps ensure that downtown Vancouver is an attractive and affordable place to set up shop. Gavin fosters synergistic commercial opportunities through outreach and networking. Trained as an urban planner, Gavin enjoys collaborating with stakeholders and policy makers to improve civic regulations. When not recruiting new business ventures, Gavin can be found jogging the seawall or hosting a theme party.

Tara Gloster | Placemaking Lead
Foodie. Resident Aussie.

Tara is currently participating in a twelve-month work exchange from Perth, Australia. She is responsible for operational coordination of placemaking projects within the downtown area. This includes providing support for the DVBIA’s laneway activations (Alley Oop and Ackery’s Alley) as well as programming our Perches in places like Cathedral Square, Lot 19 and 855 Granville. Her role involves stakeholder engagement with property owners and tenants, as well as working on public space improvements in streets, alleyways and parks through improved and interactive lighting, seating, activations and intentional urban design. When she isn’t turning underutilized public spaces into vibrant urban places, you can find Tara going on adventures to explore hikes, lakes and stellar views while munching on all the delicious treats this city has to offer.

Jason Corlett | Membership Lead
Problem solver. Musician.

Jason is responsible for member engagement strategy, which includes keeping our database of 8,000+ members up to date--and using it to provide ongoing, personalized service. Jason also spearheads many of the DVBIA’s IT-focused activities, including digital infrastructure projects, efforts to streamline data storage and analytics, and internal digital communications. Jason has been involved with the BIA as a Downtown Ambassador and Supervisor of the Ambassadors. When Jason is not providing expert service to DVBIA members, you can find Jason watching a film, going for a walk or visiting one of Vancouver’s many fantastic coffee shops.

Nikola Fischerova | Administrative Assistant
World Traveller. Yogie.

Nikola provides executive support to the President and CEO and is responsible for ensuring the smooth running of the DVBIA office. She provides event coordination support for DVBIA events, and in one way or another, her work supports every other organizational function. Nikola has refined her diverse skillset over five years of experience working in private sector and non-for-profit organizations, and her background provides DVBIA and its members with a mix of skills in administration, project coordination and business operations. When not keeping everyone in the office organized and on track, Niki enjoys exploring the world, traveling to countries where she hasn't been before and meeting interesting people from different cultures.

Arthur Macapagal | Partnerships & Engagement Manager

Dominic Long | Community Safety Manager


Community Convenor. Public Space Evangelist.

Barbara oversees the DVBIA’s sponsorship program and portfolio of 35+ events in the downtown core, which includes providing large scale event hosting expertise to countless external organizations and building partnerships for placemaking. Barbara also leads the DVBIA’s placemaking projects, collaborating with community organizations, public and private stakeholders, and providing strategic insight to external groups, to improve and enhance public spaces. When not advocating on behalf of arts and culture organizations in government or private boardrooms, Barbara enjoys attending festivals and chatting with strangers.


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