The DVBIA is a big supporter of activations that bring residents, families and visitors together downtown to take part in themed festivals, one-off or ongoing events to promote and brand both “downtown” in general and “the DVBIA”.

If you would like to apply for festival sponsorship download the files below and submit an application.

Good things to know:

  • Our staff is small so we are particularly supportive of events that require little staff time but deliver big impact.
  • As the DVBIA is accountable to both its board of directors and its membership, it gives particular attention to events that can show measurable return on investment and/or tangible results.
  • As budgets allow, it is the DVBIA’s intent to sponsor as many worthy events as possible.
  • Events should not be reliant on the DVBIA for more than 25% of its overall operating budget.

Sponsored Events

    For more information about sponsorship, contact Sponsorship & Event Lead, Barbara Fairbrother at 604-685-7811 or barbara@downtownvancouver.net

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