Downtown Ambassadors

The Downtown Ambassadors® Program is comprised of 12 full-time paid Ambassadors who are trained to provide hospitality assistance, business referrals and member services to the DVBIA area. The Ambassadors patrol on foot every day from 8am to 11pm.

For assistance, you may reach them by phone or text 604-689-4357. 

Downtown Ambassadors

Downtown Ambassadors have four roles

  • liaising with DVBIA member businesses to promote their business
  • acting as eyes and ears on the streets and
  • providing tourism information to visitors

  1. Ambassador Kevin

Ambassador Marissa in Blue

Equipment Used

The Ambassadors are equipped with the following:

  • two-way radios
  • data enabled iPad Minis
  • cell phones
  • first-aid kits
  • visitor information including maps and brochures.
  • cell phone battery chargers.

Management of the Program

The program is provided under contract with Securiguard, a private security firm. The DVBIA is responsible for program development, supervision of policy and procedures. Securiguard is responsible for hiring, basic security, training and managing personnel. Inquiries or applications for employment with the Ambassador program should be directed to Securiguard.


Ambassador training includes:

  • A thorough orientation about the DVBIA, its role and goals.
  • General instruction, role playing, videos and guest speakers.
  • An outline of acceptable conduct, attitude, etiquette, rules and regulations.
  • Awareness training that addresses community sensitivity and cultural diversity.
  • First- aid and CPR
  • Familiarity with equipment and its use.
  • Detailed knowledge about downtown, its attractions and activities.
  • Legal parameters of the role, including the management of incidents such as crimes in progress, violence, disorderly conduct or vandalism.
  • World Host, Hospitality and customer-service skills.
  • Knowledge of the Vancouver Police Department's Stolen Auto Recovery program (SAR)
  • Conflict resolution and mediation.
  • Incident reporting procedures and report writing.
  • Human Rights training.


The Downtown Ambassador® Program is funded exclusively by the BIA members. The budget is approximately $685,000 or about 24% of the association's $2.9 million budget.

Vancouver Police Department Support

“We all have a role to play in keeping our communities safe and welcoming. The DVBIA's Downtown Ambassadors have been an important partner of the VPD's for years. The department relies on their dedicated service to be additional 'eyes and ears' on our streets to keep our community safe and to report crimes. We have been impressed with the Ambassadors' professionalism, compassion and enthusiastic interest in making our city more inviting for all who live here and visit.”

Jim Chu
Former Chief Constable
Vancouver Police Department

Ambassadors Ready for Winter

Complaints Process

If you have a complaint or concern about the Downtown Ambassadors®, there is a formal process to follow. You should receive a response within two business days.

The following information is required to assist in isolating the incident and dealing with it:

  • Location:
  • Date and Time:
  • Identity Number of the Ambassador (located on the right breast pocket area) or description:
  • Description of the uniform including if the uniform said Downtown Ambassadors on the back (There are other groups that use a similar uniform)
  • Company name on the shoulder flash
  • Particulars of the incident
  • Your contact information.

Comments and complaints can be also provided in writing to the DVBIA office, attention: Charles Gauthier.

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