Downtown Vancouver is an exciting destination that offers diverse amenities to broad audiences. Part of that excitement is due to the atmosphere of festival and new experience that creative producers bring to the heart of the city. On an annual basis, the DVBIA partners with over 35 festivals and events to make great things happen.

Our sponsorship program supports reoccurring, serial, one-time, large and small scale activations to ensure that we attract different participants and appeal to residents and visitors alike. It’s our intention to promote and brand both ‘downtown’ as a place and ‘the DVBIA’ as an organization whose mission is to champion an unmatched urban experience.

There are two streams to DVBIA sponsorship; Spectacle and Community Experience. To learn more about our program and apply for sponsorship, download the files below and submit an application.

Good things to know:

    • We encourage applications from groups who deliver their events in publicly accessible places and have elements of free programming
    • Events that focus on fundraising, charitable causes, political rallies or conventions are not in our included in our scope
    • Events have to primarily take place in our DVBIA area

      Sponsored Events

      For more information about sponsorship, contact Partnerships and Engagement Manager Arthur Macapagal at 604-685-7811 or arthur@downtownvancouver.net.

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