The DVBIA is committed to addressing many of the aesthetic issues of the downtown. This is done in two ways: careful monitoring and reporting of issues to the appropriate civic agency and through on the street programs to both clean and beautify areas of the downtown to improve the streetscape.

Beautification, quality maintenance and cleanliness are vital components of security and economic development. The DVBIA subscribes to the "fixing broken windows" philosophy pioneered by Dr. George Kelling of New York (once a DVBIA guest in Vancouver), who argues that disrepair and untidiness invite more of the same, inevitably leading to escalating levels of vandalism, crime and depressed property values. Attractive, well-managed neighbourhoods achieve the reverse: more customers, happier and more prideful staff and more investment.

Hanging Flower Baskets

In partnership with property owners throughout the downtown, the DVBIA oversees the installation of hanging flower baskets each Summer.

Hanging Flower Baskets

Other Beautification Initiatives 

The DVBIA is in constant liaison with the City and businesses throughout the area with respect to any matter impacting beautification such as lighting, street furniture, trash receptacles, newspaper and magazine vending machines, landscaping and seasonal decorations.

Vancouver Lights at Night

Clap! Sing! Or Shout! An installation of 800 LED sound reactive lights that change colour and intensity based on sound by the plaza near The Urban Tea Merchant

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