Crime Prevention

Graffiti Paint outs

The DVBIA currently contracts Goodbye Graffiti to remove graffiti on private property. 90 Blocks of the downtown are on the Sentinel Program, where issues are identified and addressed one per property on a weekly basis. 

Granville Street properties between 800-1200 blocks have tributed towards a voluntary for additional graffiti abatement so are on an ongoing maintenance program, up to 12 feet.

Additional tips for managing graffiti vandalism on your property

  • Free Paint Program: Thanks to a partnership with Dulux Paints, Vancouver property owners can receive free paint for the removal of existing graffiti up to two times in a calendar year. Call 311 to find out more.
  • Apply protective coating on your walls, which facilitates graffiti removal and preserves the original wall surface. 
  • Install motion detector lights to discourage vandals from tagging.
  • Move vehicles, dumpsters, and other items away from walls and cover pipes to prevent access to the roof or upper levels of a building.
  • Keep your property tidy. Litter, broken fences, and overgrown shrubs send a message of indifference, which can attract vandals. 
  • Work with a community artist and the City to commission a mural on a persistently targeted wall.

Security Audits 

Security Audits are arranged by appointment. These audits address weak areas where business people can strengthen their security policies to provide a safe and secure environment. Common concerns include external and internal security parameters, theft and break-and-enter activity. This is a pro-active approach to reducing criminal activity that targets businesses and retailers. Email to schedule an appointment.

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