Downtown Clean Team 

Workers gather from early morning to early afternoon, five days a week, working to remove posters, gum and stickers, power washing, sweeping, and microcleaning to provide a cleaner downtown area. Coverage is provided throughout the entire DVBIA area. Our team can also be contracted by our members who require a little more attention.

Best Foot Forward Program 

The DVBIA's Best Foot Forward Program asks members to conduct a monthly "walkabout" through their specific downtown district. They identify problems like graffiti, garbage, poor lighting, vagrancy and property damage, all of which directly affect the perceptions and enjoyment of the area.

Comprehensive, user-friendly checklists covering a vast range of concerns are used during these patrols. All reports are analyzed, providing an extraordinary, up-to-date, x-ray of our downtown. Each month over 100 audits are performed throughout the 23 audit areas.The City or relevant authorities are notified of problems and the DVBIA resources monitor solutions for these "hot spots."

Those who have contributed to this project report considerable success, and a sense of personal satisfaction. More participants would make the program even better. You can become an integral part of the solution. By participating in at least one 30-minute "walkabout" per month, you can make a significant contribution to the quality of life in your community.

To volunteer, or for more information about this, call the Downtown Ambassadors® at 604-689-4357. We appreciate your support in helping keep downtown Vancouver safe, clean and beautiful.

To report any maintenance or service problems call the City's one-stop number: 311

Downtown Cleanliness Audits

Our Downtown Ambassadors perform audits on the cleanliness of our downtown streets, trash bin capacity and dumpsters. This information assists the DVBIA in directing the Downtown Clean Team and making recommendations to our partners such as the City of Vancouver.

Sign up your small business for City waste collection

TIP: While the City of Vancouver cannot collect garbage from dumpsters, it can provide small businesses with a maximum of four 360 L bins to: Collect garbage, every week and yard waste, every second week. The City does not provide recycling and food scraps collection services to small businesses at this time.

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